Kalbon GAQ – Aqua Series
Kalbon GAQ

Aqua Series

KALBON GAQ, our Granular Activated Carbon is specifically processed to exhibit greater effect in adsorbing organic compounds and contaminants from potable water. We are constantly engaged in cutting edge research for developing highly specific and high performance absorbent that ensures most efficient filtering and longest use interval. Our Consistent adherence to superior Quality Standards with regard to pore size distribution, surface polarity, particle size and hardness has given our product, a competitive edge in the Activated Carbon Industry

Our product, KALBON GAQ finds its use in,

From municipal and Industrial water supplies.

KALBON GAQ helps in Eliminating organics in potable water, such as humic and fulvic acid and prevents Chlorine in water from reacting with acids and forming trihalomethanes, a class of known carcinogen.

KALBON GAQ which is processed from hard coconut shells subject to carefully controlled Steam Activation, has exceptionally high internal surface area and consequently high porous surface structure. Its high resistance to attrition results in negligible weight losses during backwashing, air scouring and multiple reactivations

Common carbon mesh sizes used for water purification are