Kalbon GSP Syrup Series

Kalbon GSP

Activated Carbon has played an important role in the Food and beverage industry to eliminate contaminants and other factors that hinder appealing taste, smell and desirability of fruit juices, wines, beer, distilled liquors and malt.

The adsorptive property of Activated Carbon and its capability to correct colour defects has contributed to its widespread application in the Food and beverage Industry. The food that we taste and the beverages that we drink looks more appealing and desirous, all thanks to Activated Carbon, which has been involved in various stages of processing.

KALBON GSP is a specifically processed Activated carbon for the Beverage Industry, with its decolourization and deodorizing properties. It is best suited for colour and taste correction in the manufacture of white and red Wines. It is also used for purification of the final Wine product for dosing and quality factors as a way of standardization before subjecting them to long storage.

KALBON GSP is also widely used in the following Applications

Our Food Grade Carbon KALBON GSP is characterized with exceptional purity with a low ash and dust content.