High Quality Activated Carbon Manufacturer

Quality Emphasis

We have a dedicated team of skilled workers who pledge their commitment to quality, and, a team of Lab experts who leverage their updated knowledge in evaluating and testing Activated Carbon as per ASTM Standards.

We continue to expand both our production capacity and product line with an effort to create sustainability in performance of our services and Quality of our products.

Our Tests on density, hardness, iodine value, Ash content, Moisture content are in adherence to the ASTM Standards. Our products have been processed conforming to the standards of NSF with regard to public health and safety.

In our drive to incorporate upgraded technology throughout our production process, we have implemented the ERP software as part of our Quality Assurance Management. This initiative has significantly increased our operational efficiency ensuring that our production cycle is in perfect synchronisation with our standard procedure. This has helped us meet and exceed customer satisfaction.

Our commendable efforts in our technology drive includes our investment in the Malvern Master Sizer 3000 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyser. It has proved to be a versatile instrument in measuring the particle size and the particle size distribution of materials. It has consistently delivered reliable data and has warranted quality and performance of range of raw materials, intermediates and final products.


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