One of the major effects that the process of Acid Washing has on Activated Carbon, is the removal of minerals and reducing the Ash content of Activated Carbon. In this process of Acid Washing, Acid is used to wash Carbon to dissolve minerals like magnesium, silica, iron, nickel, copper etc. Acid Washed Activated Carbon exhibits supreme characteristics of Adsorption and other properties that enable them to be used in highly refined and specific Applications.

Acid wash carbon has extensive internal structure, neutral surface, maximum hardness, extended operational life, high volume activity and rapid pH stabilization.

It finds its use in ultra-pure water treatment systems requiring low conductivity and exceptionally high purity. This activated carbon is also specifically designed for the removal of heavy hydrocarbons from recovered condensate. The acid washing process removes soluble silica from the matrix of the activated carbon to prevent leaching into the condensate.

Some of the Applications of Acid Washed Carbon Include


We market our products under the brand name KALBON Activated Carbon. It is manufactured by Kalpaka
Chemicals Private Limited which is based in southern Indian port city of Tuticorin, India.

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

Coconut shell activated carbon, made from coconut husk, is a vapor-activated material

Coal Activated Carbon

Coal based activated carbon originates from coal that has undergone a steam activation process

Water Washed Activated Carbon

Water washing is primarily performed to remove ash content from the granular activated carbon

Acid Washed Activated Carbon

Our acid wash products are NSF certified and are available in various mesh sizes

Wood Charcoal

Wood activated carbon is formed when carbon-containing raw wood is carbonized in a limited supply of air