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We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of powdered, granulated and Impregnated Activated Carbon in India. Kalpaka Chemicals Private Limited, established in the year 1996, has ventured into every application realm of Activated Carbon Industry and has strived to become one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of high grade Activated Carbon. The Company has witnessed exponential growth in the supply of Activated Carbon across continents, through phased and sustained expansion of its Production and Operational facilities.

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We place prime importance in sourcing our raw materials from best crops cum fields

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All our activated carbon are subjected to rigorous quality control process

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Products are professionally handled by our own Logistics Department.

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24/7 Support customer service right from sales, order processing, to product delivery.

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Kalbon activated carbon products are widely used by various industries in gas purification, decaffeination, goldpurification, metal extraction, water purification,medicine, sewage treatment, air filters in gas masks and respirators,filters in compressed air, and many other applications.

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What Is Activated Carbon

Activated carbons are manufactured from coconut shell, peat, hard and soft
wood, lignite coal, bituminous coal, olive pits and various specialty materials.

Activated Carbon or Activated Charcoal (HS CODE: 38021000 and CAS: 7440-44-0) has been recognized as a 'Broad Spectrum Adsorbent', characterized by its versatile application in separation and purification technologies, catalytic processes, biomedical engineering and in substantial environmental protection initiatives. The properties of exceedingly high degree of porosity, extensive surface area and high degree of surface reactivity have designated Activated Carbon as an eminent and prized absorbent. Activated Carbon is an efficient adsorbent for the elimination of pollutants.

Highly porous carbons (500-3000 m²/g) with diverse surface chemistry effectively adsorb pollutants, remove impurities from liquids/gases & aid in separations/solvent recovery.

Used for detoxification in overdoses, it might aid kidneys and whiten teeth with its antibacterial properties. This substance is also used in cosmetics.
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