Kalbon GVP Vapor Phase Series
Kalbon GVP

Vapor Phase Series

Purity of air we breathe in, is the vital need of the hour. Toxic fumes, Volatile Organic Compounds and other air contaminants are a major threat to the human immune system. Urbanization and growing industries has become point sources of Air pollution, governments have shown great focus on reducing such pollutants to a minimum level.

Adsorption by Activated Carbon is the remediation technology in which pollutants are removed from air stream by physical adsorption onto the activated carbon grains. Gaseous industrial pollutants like Hydrogen sulphide, Sulphur dioxide, Nitrogen oxides, Ammonia, Ethylene, Benzene, Ethanol, Toluene, Xylene and many other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Hazardous Air Pollutants(HAPs)

We feature KALBON GVP, a premium coconut shell based Granular Activated carbon made from particular grades of Quality Coconut shells for Vapour phase Applications. The fine particle size distribution of KALBON GVP, essentially increases the adsorption kinetic rates and ensures dynamic performance in the reducing the concentration of gaseous pollutants.

Our product finds it application in Chemical processing industries involved with the manufacturing, handling and distribution of paints, lubricants and liquid fuels which forms the primary source of VOCs. KALBON GVP has become a more prominent adsorbent in terms of feasibility, effectiveness, as well as cost competence.

Common carbon mesh sizes used for water purification are