Kalbon GCF Cigarette Filter Series
Kalbon GCF

Cigarette Filter Series

Cigarette Smoking has been regarded as a single most preventable cause of disease and death. Cigarette Smoke has been identified to contain 7000 chemical constituents and among them, 70 identified carcinogens that are present or generated during combustion and is known to have the highest negative impact on health. Filter in cigarette include an Activated Carbon adsorbent capable of selectively removing pulmonary carcinogens from mainstream tobacco smoke.

Kalpaka Chemicals Private Limited supplies Coconut Shell based Activated Carbon with modified physical properties like finer particle size, grade, surface activity etc.,   for use as cigarette filters.

KALBON GCF is used in cigarette filters to efficiently remove hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde, Nitric Oxide, Ammonia and croton aldehyde, possibly limiting the adverse health effects from smoking. Studies have revealed that Impregnation of Activated Carbon with Copper will enhance the selectivity of carbon for hydrogen cyanide.

KALBON GCF of the finest grade is used in cigarette filters to adsorb harmful vapour phase component from cigarette smoke. Researches are pursued globally to discover unique filter technology incorporating Activated carbon, which will arrest harmful smoke component and bring down the carcinogenic effect to about 70%.

We, at Kalpaka Chemicals Private Limited strive to keep abreast with the industrial and societal need and ensure timely production and supply of our products that best fits a common societal goal.

Common carbon mesh sizes used for Cigarette filters are